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We'll all be alright darlin'

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i want 5sos to be filmed while going through a really scary haunted house but idk if it would be funnier as a group or seperately


5sos + piercings


this is why i love the 5sosfam


Jimmy Kimmel Live was so awesome, thanks for coming out to watch us :D Hope you had fun ! See ya on Saturday x

She Looks So Perfect:
Beside You:
Fan Prank :D


Malum is just so adorable


"Get us famous"
Well boys, we did it. You did it.
Congratulations on your soon-to-be announced #1 debut in the United States.


I may not be a Michael girl but I love this, I love Michael so much I hate seeing people hate on him because of his looks. I can tell he’s insecure, he doesn’t have to say it I just know he is, I know hate gets to him I’ve always had this vibe he might be depressed or suicidal I don’t want to belive he is I just feel it. I just wanna hug him and make him feel better and tell him there is nothing wrong with him and how much he means to me and other people and just tell him how much I love him. Michael may not be the best looking person but he’s beautiful inside and out maybe if you’d stop being so picky on looks you can see what I’m talking about. I love you Michael


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